Resource introduction

The Mersey Estuary has one of the largest tidal ranges in the UK - up to 10 metres on a Spring Tide.  It is considered one of the best locations in the UK for a tidal power scheme and could supply a substantial portion of the energy needs of Liverpool and Merseyside.

The Mersey Estuary is unusual in one key respect.  Unlike, say, the Severn Estuary or the Solway Firth, which are wide mouthed and become narrower upstream, the Mersey Estuary is narrow at its mouth. 

For the latest information on the tides visit the National Oceanographic Laboratory's website.

Mersey facts

  • Mean Neap tide  4.5 m  (190 million m3)
  • Mean Spring tide  8.4 m  (350 million m3)
  • Maximum Spring tide  10.5 m
  • Basin area (Up stream of Dingle)  60 km2
  • Maximum Spring tide velocity  5.2 knots