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Consultation on Mersey Tidal Power approach to sustainability appraisal

15 July 2010

Peel Energy and the Northwest Regional Development (NWDA) Agency have launched a consultation on the Mersey Tidal Power project’s approach to appraising the sustainability of potential schemes.

The team is inviting comment on the proposed sustainability indicators and measures which will set the framework for the project’s Sustainability Appraisal.

The proposed approach is set out in ‘Sustainability Scoping Report: Approach to Sustainability Issues’ which is available on the project website

Anthony Hatton, Development Director from Peel Energy, said

“Ensuring sustainability issues are properly addressed throughout the course of the project is a paramount concern. The proposed approach draws on the input we have received from various statutory and non-statutory groups to date. We would welcome input from any interested party.”

The Mersey Estuary is one of the best locations in the UK for a tidal power generation scheme. It has the potential to make a significant contribution to the government's target to secure 15% of UK energy from renewable sources by 2020.

The largest potential scheme, if approved, could supply a substantial portion of the energy needs of Liverpool and Merseyside, or up to 260,000 homes.

The closing date for this consultation is the 31st August 2010. Comments should be sent to