Why Are We Consulting?

Building a power scheme within the Mersey Estuary could potentially affect the lives of those living close to the scheme through, for example, environmental impacts of construction and operations and pressure on existing community infrastructure. It could also provide new opportunities through jobs, improvements to local infrastructure and facilities, as well as provide a catalyst for inward investment. It would also help to secure local and national energy supplies.

The potential environmental impacts that may occur as a result of the building and operation of the power scheme and any off-site developments include (but are not limited to) potential impacts on: local ecology and wildlife; geology; water and air quality; drainage and flood risk; landscape and visual amenity; archaeology and cultural heritage; rights of way; noise and vibration; and transportation and socio-economic impacts. The nature and scale of the scheme means that it would fall within the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment Directive, the Habitats Directive and the Water Framework Directive and are thereby subject to extensive and wide ranging scrutiny.

Purpose of Community Consultation

We want to make sure that local people are aware of and understand the Mersey Tidal Power project. We also want to hear ideas and comments about the project and respond to any concerns people may have.

The key aims of community consultation for this project are:

  • To explain the aims and objectives of the project, the methodology used to assess the scheme options and the reasons behind decisions made to date;
  • To raise awareness and understanding of the part that tidal energy can play in meeting renewable energy targets and reducing carbon dioxide emissions;
  • To understand any local considerations that need to be taken into account when refining the scheme options and choosing the preferred scheme;
  • To allow local communities and stakeholders to comment on proposals as they emerge; and
  • To allow local communities and stakeholders to contribute ideas to the project.
  • Timetable for Community Consultation

    Three key periods have been identified for community consultation:

  • Round One: Feasibility Study, Dec 2010 - Feb 2011
    We wish to raise awareness of our plans and make sure that the Feasibility Study takes account of relevant aspects of local communities that may be affected by a tidal power scheme. Click here to view the Statement of Community Consultation.
  • Round Two: Preferred option
    Once a preferred scheme has been identified, further consultation would be undertaken on aspects of the design including options for associated development, such as connections to the National Grid, and construction access and facilities. Initial consultation and publicity about EIA, including preliminary environmental information, for the Mersey Tidal Power scheme is likely to take place at this stage.
  • Round Three: Application for Consent
    Once further work has been completed on the design of the proposed scheme, an Environmental Impact Assessment would be carried out to evaluate the likely impacts of the scheme. Consultation would aim to address any remaining aspects of the scheme that would be put forward in the application for a development consent.
  • The timetable for Rounds Two and Three is undefined as the project is currently on hold, please see the latest press release for more information.